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In yet another case of molestation of 13 year old patients by “volunteers” from rehabs taking them to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, Robert Poizner has been convicted of molesting at least two 13 year old boys while he was a “volunteer” for Pacific Health Systems 1908 at Sweetwater Rd, National City, CA 91950(…).

Lawsuit claims National City treatment facility did not protect young patients

Posted: 10/17/2013

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Vanessa Van Hyfte

NATIONAL CITY, Calif. – A lawsuit has been filed against a treatment facility in National City after one of its volunteer counselors was convicted of sexually abusing young patients.

Robert Poizner was convicted of 24 counts of sex abuse against children, and two of his victims were 13-year-old patients at Pacific Health Systems, a facility that treats a variety of mental health issues and additions.

According to court…

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To Whom do We Listen?

AA meetings are chock full of the sickest, most self-centered, self- absorbed, narcissistic people on the face of the earth. No secrets being given away there. They know it – freely admit it – even revel in it – often poking fun at themselves for it.

Then there are those who find those traits objectionable; who are willing to experience the life changing awakening proposed by the Fellowship’s 12 step program and become new, God-conscious people. THOSE are people you want to climb out of the basements with to carry this message. Those are the people you want to be with you in the Stream of Life.

They take thorough inventories of their lives – looking at ghosts form the past –  analyzing their past fears, grudges, the harms they have done others and they begin to see the fatal nature of them…

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Note: Through the meditation technique discussed here the author has ‘medically” (under medical supervision) eliminated the need for antidepressants Effexor, Wellbutrin and Lexipro as well as other medications. He has fully recovered from clinically diagnosed depression, anxiety, attention deficit disorder, smoking, obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes, arthritis, colitis, diverticulitis, alcoholism and drug abuse as well as sugar addiction and overeating.

Most alcoholics don’t actually fall asleep. They pass out. For the recovered sufferer without a dependable method for handling stress, this can be true long after they have first recovered and been abstinent.

There isn’t much that is sadder than a self-described “recoverING” alcoholic, dry as a bone, brandishing bronze sobriety medals, sitting in church basements still feeling batshit crazy, even after decades of abstinence, inventories and meetings.

Once again, the Twelve Steps provides a spiritual tool to fit the bill. Unless those tools are utilized properly, depression, anxiety, PTSD and even bi-polar symptoms that ruled the alcoholic’s life prior to recovery do resurface. Then it’s back to the doctors, the head shrinks the therapists and to the pharmaceutical solutions that only treat symptoms and never treat causes.

World affairs, news stories, family troubles, relationship difficulties; sometimes it seems that there is nothing but negativity afoot. It can feel as if their is a dark veil of gloom over the head of the alcoholic, even one who doesn’t drink anymore.

Never-mind what your therapist has told you. “Counselors” haven’t got a clue and have been mis-educated on the subject of “substance abuse” and alcoholism.

The single cause for all post recovery depression has but one root and it draws out of forces the alcoholic does not understand.Lack of resiliency against these forces are the reason for depression. Natural disasters, 9/11, serial killers, criminals getting away with abominable crimes – all such atrocities seem to exist for no other reason than to cause worry and spread resentment.

Alcoholism and depression is a combination of maladies that can be even more deadly than either of the two standing alone. This is a common co-morbidity that kills millions each year.

As observed by William D. Silkworth, Medical Director of the now infamous Townes Hospital – historically one of the most highly regarded hospitals in the world to treat alcoholic and drug addiction:

“They are restless, irritable and discontented, unless they can again experience the sense of ease and comfort which comes at once by taking a few drinks . . .” (“Alcoholics Anonymous, ‘The Doctors Opinion’, p 26)

The familiar expression “restless, irritable and discontent” describes how an alcoholic feels and are some of the clearest, typical signposts of depression. These symptoms are not complete. They are only part of the whole picture, since they depict merely the effects and not necessarily causes.

Filling in around all of these pockets of depression are the inane, personally irritating incidents that each of us experience privately: The untimely glob of mustard dripped off of a corned beef sandwich onto the floor, a mosquito bite, an itch; an ache, a pain, a fart in church; a missed elevator; all of these unpleasantries we encounter each day come in a continuous stream of personal affronts that never seem to stop. They never will.

The more sensitive we are to them the more negativity we take on and the heavier the load to stuff into our craw – into our psyche.

Each and every day that we go to bed at night we fall asleep having repressed a day’s worth of resentments. They move us closer and closer toward the next first drink and they pull us farther and farther away from conscious contact with our Creator.

That is, unless they have a way of dealing with the din of negativity that is simply life as we know it. This is where Step Eleven comes to the rescue. It can save the practitioner from the imperfect handling of stress throughout the day. Step Ten is designed to do it in real -time – but how many of us execute even near perfect adherence to their daily practice of principles? Precious few. “We are not saints”

If you fancy yourself a Twelve Step practitioner but have not got an effective way of dealing with stress all the day – you will let up on the spiritual program of action delineated in your Step Ten procedure (84:2) – you will be headed for trouble and the first sign of that trouble will be expressed in a very busy Step Eleven inventory at night. You would be lucky to stay awake long enough to complete it. It might get so bad it will start to resemble a Fourth Step inventory, with columns and in depth analysis – something Step Ten is not designed to be nor is necessary if truly practicing these principles in ALL affairs.

Whenever we make allowances for the negatively charged influences around us and suffer the cruel, unfair and offensive situations and the people who cause them, they no longer affect us negatively.

The simple attitude of patient neutrality is what real grace is. It prevents resentment from getting inside.

Then resentment remains on the doorstep to our psyche never gaining entry to serve as food for the ego-self. We remain graceful and unmoved; free to use our impartial, dispassionate vision to move naturally without struggling to make decisions. And ego remains hungry, subdued and right sized.

This is an essential element in being able to forgive. If you are depressed it is only because up to now haven’t been able to. You have lacked grace. Give up resentment and grace is automatic; depression vanishes.

The sample meditation technique at the top of this page is very special. It will not replace your mind’s stinking thinking with phoney thought substitutes and “my” will. I am not a hypnotist. What it will do is clear your mind of “your will” allowing Gods will to take over.

That clear vision, His vision, will afford you the clarity to see resentment before it penetrate you, before it crops up inside you and overtakes your thought processes. It will allow you to effortlessly separate the unforgiving you from the forgiving you.

When you do that, depression anxiety almost all forms of mental obsession and pressure of conscience will let up. Soon it will go away.

Peace & Love,

Danny S – RLRA

Real Live Recovered Alcoholic

Satan Says . . . .

A buddy of mine called me this morning and wanted to know if I wanted to go the “opposites” meeting here on the Peninsula of Doom.(POD).

I’m like, “Huh?”

“Yeah, opposites. Like George C ostanza on Seinfeld.”

“Oh right” I said. “I get it. Whatever someone in that meeting says they do in order to stay sober, you do the exact opposite?”

“Yes. It never fails . . . ” he said. ” . . . doing the exact opposite of whatever I hear there.”

“Seinfeld” fans will recall that nebbishy character George Costanza feels that little ever goes his way – that fate is always running counter to his will and so he decides to consciously WILL in favor of the opposite. He believes in doing so that ‘Costanza’s will’ be done. In effect he tricks fate. (Or ‘God’ But we’re talking NBC here, now OK?)

An interesting concept. So I picked up my friend and off we went to the local “Loony Noonie” in here on the POD. (AA, “Loony Noonies” are all over the country. It’s an affectionately ascribed nickname for noon-time AA meetings held all across the United States.)

A man was sitting in the back who introduced himself to anyone sitting next to him, by saying “My name is Satan. (Obviously it was some sort of inside joke to which my friend and I were not privy. It was still a little creepy though.) I wondered what it would like if I had come to my very first meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous, looking for a solution to your drinking problem, maybe even learning whether or not I was actually alcoholic, and some guy, the most vocal and visible in the meetings, identified and introduced as the Devil himself?” Holy shit!

Mr. Satan apparently had a very sophisticated comedic form and sometimes such subtle types of iconoclastic humor escape those who are barely holding onto life itself – know what I mean?

Anyway, so I get this thought. The Satan dude and how creepy he might seem to a newcomer gives me the idea: “I am going to pretend that I am my son Danny Jr. and that I suspect

I may be alcoholic and this is my very first meeting — that I have learned something of alcoholism from my Dad and from reading the incredibly spot-on volume titled “Alcoholics Anonymous”. I get the distinction between the alcoholic and the nonalcoholic. That book has made that much very much is clear to me and even though II have Twelve Step living already in my life – my whole family does through my Dad who is a recovered alcoholic – I still suspect that I may need a spiritual awakening since even though I honestly want to, I find that I cannot quit drinking completely, or if I do drink I have such little control over the amount I take I figure I might be suffering from alcoholism and if I have learned anything from my Dad it is that only a spiritual experience will conquer it. I figure, hey, let me go see what other peoples’ experiences are with this twelve step deal. Let me see if it works for them like it has for my Dad. I mean, it seems to have worked for him well enough let’s see it in the lives of others too. Then I just might give this thing a try. The stuff in that book sounds wonderful to me. Gatherings held where people like me can go with this trouble I am having – where I can go and see the Big Book depiction come alive in real-time real life. A recovery reality Show! In a church basement! A Group of spiritual people who have had a spiritual awakening and recovered from alcoholism – an assemblage of folks who are not glum but instead can laugh in the face of adversities past, meeting in a church basement solely for the expressed purpose of extending the Power given them to help others to people like me. They are waiting. For me. And just like in that Big Book they only want to help me have the same spiritual awakening that they had. Nothing more. Nothing less.

We, (me and my friend,) sat in that meeting for one hour. People talked about ICYPAA (a non-AA recovery entity that segregates into “young” recovery candidates, a very NON-AA concept) – someone ‘chaired’ a typical recovery story (a very sweet woman with thirteen years of sobriety) — other than that it was a typical, rhetorical, Open Discussion meeting – loaded with Rehabology Doctrine POP-AA talk and self-centered “shares” but zero solution to alcoholism ala AA. It seemd more as though this were the “group” annex of the local secular treatment center (Gosnold) than it was gathering of AAs with the AA message.

The Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous were mentioned exactly once. It was Mr. Satan dude himself who brought them up.

And what exactly did the Satan dude say about the Twelve Steps? He announced to the entire meeting that . . .

. . . . he had tried the Twelve Steps and they did not work.

No. Really. That’s what he said. (Well, he is Satan after-all. What did you expect?) This is what anyone coming to this AA meeting for the first time would have heard in this meeting. You hear right. In a Twelve Step fellowship meeting, the Twelve Steps was only mentioned ONE TIME and that one time was only to proclaim that it did not work!

Mr. Satan “took the steps” and the folks who told him he needed to do that to “stop drinking” were wrong. There were other ways for Mr. Satan and it included avoiding the Twelve Steps.

Could you imagine going to, say, a Jenny Craig meeting to learn about their system for weight loss and one in that meeting mentions the Jenny Craig system of weight loss to you at all, save for one person, (Named . . Oh I don’t’ know – I want to say, ‘Lucifer’. Yeah that’ll work for this example) and that person, or ‘demonic entity’, makes the point that the Jenny Craig Program DIDN’T WORK for them —- Oh but just love coming to Jenny Craig meetings anyway and owe their lives to Jenny Craig.

Would there be any reason for you to believe that that you were in the presence of anything less than pure psychosis? Would you feel like you might get the hell out of there? Maybe never come back?

You are dammed right! And you would be correct.

Yet this is exactly what happens, isn’t it. I know you’ve been a witness to this kind of insanity, not in Jenny Craig but in Alcoholics Anonymous.

My friend was right. Not only could George Costanza and his opposites system keep him sober here but he could also lose weight, grow hair, find the job of his dreams and get laid every night by a gorgeous woman. His penis would never ‘move’ when he came in close proximity to a handsome gay man and all of his friends would hold him in the same high esteem in which he holds himself. But George is the only one because remember George does the OPPOSITE of what he believes he is supposed to do.

Satan says, “Don’t do the steps.” And so George takes the steps.

Satan says, “Go to lots of meetings” George goes only to a few meetings.

Satan says, “People and your own determination key to your sobriety sand happiness” Instead George develops a life that transfers his old reliance upon self and other people to God. George never drinks again and lives a happily whole and useful life.

Then Satan goes back to hell – where he came from

I think you get the idea.

Thank God Danny’s Dad (me) does have spiritual awakening and growth to share with the family because in my scenario Danny Jr would be be S.O.L. (That’s spirutaleese for “shit out of luck”) . What the hell has happened to Alcoholics Anonymous?

The simple truth is that AA groups ought to be spiritual entities with Primary Purpose. Just because a group of folks meet regularly and are allowed, by Tradition” to call themselves an AA group doesn’t mean that they are one

If you want what Satan has – then do what Satan does. Fortunately we did not stick around long enough to find out what just what it is that Mr. Satan has. (Besides a bad case of middle-of-road- based AA bullshititis) We did however learn just what it is Mr. Satan has not got — and that is the solution to alcoholism. It isn’t about any one fellow. But types like Mr. Satan are all over the AA fellowship sowing misery and death for real alcoholics. I get around a lot. And I see it.

Yes “There Is A Solution”. We have a whole twelve pages of Big Book ‘chapter’ that talks about it just that specifically.

The upshot is this: If my son needed a solution to alcoholism and if he had attended this meeting in search for it he would have come away with the message that The Twelve Step solution does not work and they really are not discussed in AA meetings. The cool thing is though he knows middle-of-the-road, POP-AA bull-shale when he hears it. Thank God.

And THERE! With the publication of this article I just rendered Mr. Satan’s lack of solution void. His own arrogance is herewith helpful despite the secular promotion of deadly non-solutions, because now the thousands of readers who access this blog every day have another story with which to identify AA Fellowship abuse in their own neighborhood. So There Satan! Blow it out your goats horn.

Peace and Love,o

Danny S – RLRA

Real Live Recovered Alcoholic

Each 24

Posted: August 15, 2010 in

AA few years back I was sponsoring a Chaplain of the U.S. Marine Corps. The following is a cut & paste email that I sent to him. The reason for running it here is because he said that here found it very effective. (As do I and millions of recovered alkies as well as the co-founders of “Alcoholics Anonymous”) Here it is presented, unedited and exactly as it was sent to him. If its good enough for a USMC chaplain – it ought to be good enough for us!!

From: []
Sent: Tuesday, September 07, 2004 8:00 AM
Subject: (no subject)

Subject: (no subject)

This may be helpful to anyone following along who is just starting
out on this path. I keep a printed sheet of my night morning prayers
on my nightstand next to my bed so I don’t’ forget any of the prayers
which my Big Book tells me are part of this Program.

Maybe its it’s just me, but I WILL get lazy and complacent over time
and probably cut short these procedures unless I keep some prescription in
this manner. The following is exactly what I do each night and
morning in keeping up a healthy meditation and prayer life.

I believe this is how my Big Book tells me I should do this, but I do
not represent AA as a whole. These actions and prayers are not any
official part of this study, they are my own only, as I have
extrapolated from out Big Book, Alcoholics Anonymous.

If I have left anything out, or if there is anything in this which
does not adhere precisely to the prayer portions of our Program of
recovery as outlined in the Big Book, then please ignore it. And
please correct me.

(But it is as exacting as I could get it)


I start with the 12 evening questions from P. 86 I try to be
constructive as much as possible. I try to look at the good I have
done during the day so I am not zeroing in on my objectionable traits
only. After all, God has made some changes in me.
1. Where was I resentful?
2. Where was I selfish?
3. Where was I dishonest?
4. Where was I afraid?
5. Do I owe an apology?
6. Have I kept something to myself, which should be discussed with
another person at once?
7. Where was I kind toward all?
8. Where was I Loving toward all?
9. What could I have done better?
10.Where was I thinking of myself most of the time?
11.Where was I thinking of what I could do for others?
12. Where was I thinking of what I could pack into the stream of life?

” Forgive me God for each of these areas where I have failed you and
fallen short of being able to be as effective as I could have been
for you. Forgive me and help me live Thy will better tomorrow by
showing me how to correct these errors. Guide me and direct me to do
better tomorrow. Remove my arrogance and my fear. Show me how to make
my relationships with my others right. Grant me the humility and
strength to do Thy will. Amen”

If I was resentful, dishonest, selfish, unkind, unloving, if I owe an
apology or if I have kept things to myself, I remember these for my
morning prayers so I can include these specifically and ask God for
help and improvement in these areas. If an answer comes to me, try to
remember it. (Some people do this as a written exercise, I personally
do not) When I say my morning prayers, I ask God for help in those
areas, if it is His will.

Now I spend 10-15 minute in meditation.

Upon awakening, prior to even rising out from bed, I take care of
these areas:

1) I think about the 24 hours ahead: I contemplate what I would like
to be and what God might want me to be.

2) I consider my plans for the day: I think about what God wants me
to do and how I am to live His will. I determine what my vision for
what God’s will is for me today. I already am remembering the amends
I’ve discovered from last night’s 10th step. I start out my day with
the making of these amends in my plan and I ask myself what else
would God want me to do today?

Now, I usually need to use the bathroom. I do so.

Upon returning I start these Big Book prayers. These are in addition
to my meditation, (Which many confuse with reading anything called “Meditation” and contemplative prayers) I keep my prayers & meditation as two very distinct activities.

“God I am yours to build with me and to do with me as Thou wilt.
Release me at long last God from the bondage of self, that I may better do Thy will.
Take away my difficulties, especially the trouble I am having with ___________________that YOUR victory these may bear witness to those I would help of Love, Thy Power and Thy Way of life. May I do Thy will always! Remove my fears and direct my attention toward what you would have me be, not what I would have me be. Instead God give me whatever intuitive thought, and inspirations you require for me to have in order that I may know your will and receive the power you give to carry that out. Help me to have an intuitive thought or a
decision with regard to __________________ which I face today. Father, help me to not struggle with this. Help me to relax and take it easy instead. Help me know what I should do, keeping me mindful that You are running the show.

Direct my thinking today God, and keep it divorced from self-pity, dishonesty and self-seeking motives. Help me employ my mental faculties, that my thought-life may be placed on the
higher plane of inspiration and help me to pay attention throughout
the day to this vital sixth sense.”

“My Creator, I am now willing that you should have all of me, both
good and bad. I ask that you now remove from me every single defect
of character, which stands in the way of my usefulness to you and my
fellows. Grant me strength, God as I go out from here to do Thy
bidding. Show me today how to find Patience, Tolerance, Kindness and
Love in my heart, my mind and my soul and help me demonstrate these
to my family and to those about me.

Remove from me my selfishness, all dishonesty, resentment and fear.
Whichever of these crop up today God, help me to immediately share
these feelings with others and guide me toward making immediate
amends if need be, that I might live serenely with the people about

Lord, help me to not think of myself, instead, help me think of
others and help me be loving and tolerant toward them. Father, keep
me spiritually fit today, by helping me to not fight with anything or
anyone — even alcohol. Show me what I can do today for the man who
is still sick.”

“My Father, help me live the twelve steps of my recovery life, the
twelve traditions of my Group and my family life and all the
principles of AA in my entire life. Remove from me my character
defects, specifically profanity, dishonesty, arrogance, false pride,
sarcasm, judgment of others and fear, especially God the fear of what
others think of and about me.

Watch over me, protect me and care for me. Give me the strength,
courage and faith I need to do Thy bidding. Keep me mindful of Thy
presence Lord and help me know you better and help keep my house in

“God, should I find myself agitated, doubtful or indecisive today,
give me inspiration. Show me all through this day, what my next step is to be. Give
me the strength, faith and courage I need to take care of the
problems in my life today. I ask especially Lord, that you free me
from self-will and fear. Amen”

Then I spend 10-15 minute in meditation. I use a simple non-religious
non “Eastern” method, which I find non-hypnotic, and extremely

Peace and Love,

Danny S – RLRA
Real Live Recovered Alcoholic

Alcoholics do not suffer from too LOW self esteem – we suffer from too HIGH self esteem.View Image

Why do rehab centers fail so miserably in treating real alcoholics?  Because they have to kiss alcoholic ass for money.  This means telling alcoholics what they want to hear or else they’ll bolt. For a delusional sick alcoholic that is always going to be a lie  – usually about himself.

Because of this vampirish relationship treatment centers are nothing more than parasites; we alcoholics and addicts are the fat succulent hosts and we are all being sucked dry till we die.

It is easy to convince an alcoholic feeling like shit that that his misery is low self esteem. Hell you could tell him its a vitamin  deficient – he’ll do anything to be rid of it.  They truth is that alcoholics do not suffer from too LOW self esteem – we suffer from too HIGH self esteem. High Self esteem – or the high regard we hold for ourselves, our abilities as evidences by our our ambitious pasts is what gets us  into the  horrendous  predicament in which we find ourselves the first place.

We have been lied to by the brain doctors and the ‘treatment center” industry to believe the opposite of the truth of this. It is when no one else comes up to match the same high esteem we hold for ourselves that we fill up with self-pity and resentment for those who fail to give us the ‘good feeling’ we want from them – about our stinking drinking selves.

This is why a searching and thorough 4th step is so effective. It tends to reveal to us the horrible truth – the truth about ourselves – not give us a emotional masturbation session that most pay for treatment brain mechanics will give us.

It feels so shitty that when someone comes along and tells us we have ‘low self esteem” our ego says, “OF COURSE YOU DO!”  Then we seek out people to make us feel even MORE elevated! This makes us WORSE not BETTER. It takes us FARTHER from the real answer, the “destruction of self-centeredness.” Instead they shower us in new sick “self” esteem as as a new high comes to numb the pain of the truth about ourselves – that we don’t really deserve it!

Self pity for not measuring up to our own self-centered delusion we hold for ourselves is often called “low self esteem” but it is the opposite of that. Who would pay for deflation of ‘esteem”? No one.

That’s why the opposite ‘psychology’ is sold by counselors and psychiatrists. It is intentionally misleading. The 12 Steps is a Program that promotes a DEFLATION of self not one of INFLATION of self and that is why the rehab centers fail miserably in treating real alcoholics. Because they to kiss alcoholic ass for money. Treatment centers are parasites and alcoholics and addicts are hosts and we are being sucked dry till we die.

Even the most highly revered treatment centers in the nation – the 40-50-60 thousand dollar a shot facilities that celebrities and the wealthy can afford to tap have success rates that in ANY other industry would flag them for closure and criminal investigations by Attorney Generals in most States. We are talking in most cases fewer than ten percent and NEVER much over fifteen percent. I think the Betty Ford center has something like a high of seventeen percent at one point – if that number can be trusted – and that while they’re bragging! What happens to the other ninety or eighty percent who don’t get what they came for? Do they get a refund? No they are told – sit down for this one – “ITS YOUR FAULT!” Is this some racket or what?

They will never tell the alkie the truth. they will NEVER encourage a through and fearless 4th step or ardent practice of anything resembling a step 10,11 or 12. With treating people with genuine low self esteem perhaps they do OK — but not we alkies for whom ONLY deflation of ego to realistic levels and the leveling of pride takes us on a road of true recovery. The avenue of approach to that victory is a spiritual path.

This isn’t light matter. This alcoholism biz is heavy duty spiritual principles that are SO simple but we have been so brainwashed to believe the opposite of truths! It’s as if they want us dead! But first they want our money. If anyone can see what is being said here, please consider it.

Peace and Love,

Danny S – RLRA
Real Live Recovered Alcoholic

Are you or are you NOT an alcoholic?

So how come “no right to say” only applies to the ‘sayin’ when it is what THEY want to hear? Why is it perfectly OK pronounce anyone at all as alcoholic without knowing a thing about them except that they have “shown up” while at the same time it is NOT ok to admit a dissatisfaction with ones qualification as alcoholic? The truth is it is fine to discern either. Refusing or intentionally remaining unable to distinguish the alcoholic from the nonalcoholic and yet think that it is just fine to pronou nce some as “ALCOHOLIC” is what hypocrites do. Unlearned-ed, ignorant and arrogant hypocrites. Does “We do not like to pronounce any individual as alcoholic, automatically mean that we also must not like to pronounce any individual as non-alcoholic? It doesn’t say that does it?

I’m just sayin’, man. Chill ok?

But never mind that . . . . . the truth is that non- alcoholics can never become members of AA – even if they say so – even if I say so – even if your sponsor says so – if someone on face book says so or even the old fart with the red nose and the white hair crouching and pretending to be “wise” and that “twinkle” in the eye actually being macular degeneration from twenty years of over-ogling young newcomer girls with thongs pulled-up-too-high over their lower lumbar ‘stamps’ – from the back of the church basement, says so – even if they have a desire to stop drinking or whatever their desires are.

We can twist the short-form of the Traditions all we want to make us think so -so we can be helpful to EVERYONE – but the long-form sets us straight without the need for stretching. And this is for the protection of the fellowship. The idea that non-alcoholics can become members of AA is also well debunked in virtually all subsequent written commentary coming from the co-founders on the subject. The idea a person can be considered a member of AA “when he says so” – is a privilege reserved for those who suffer from alcoholics only. ALCOHOLICS who fit “our description of the alcoholic” – not ‘anyone’s description of the alcoholic’. AA is a very exclusive fellowship. Like it or not.

Treatment Center indoctrination is difficult to navigate around. Treacherous. Today’s “Addictions” ‘experts’ – drug and alcohol counselors have become sophisticated in their hypnotic influences over hurting people and have become very good at tricking the weak while they are down. They have been very successful at establishing their undeserved ‘certifications’ and abject ignorance about alcoholism and convincing drug addicts and heavy drinkers that they can walk out of the center and become AA members full well ignoring that this is a lie- — that relapse after relapse can keep the cycle going as long as they are intentionally instructed to declare themselves “members” in a fellowship for which their can not qualify — and in which they probably will not get well.

Unfortunately then this rehabology doctrine leaches like DTT into our church basements and weakens our ability to keep Primary Purpose going.

Anyone who has been led to believe that ANYONE – even a non-alcoholic desiring to stop drinking can become a member of AA just hasn’t performed enough independent inquiry into the subject and is relying on heresy and uninformed opinions of others who have agenda (financial mostly) to push into the fellowship.

After you’ve buried a few non-alcoholics who die from another problem because EGO said “I CAN TAKE HIM THROUGH THE STEPS ANYWAY” and told him it was fine to call himself “alcoholic” and “member” even after not being satisfied that he was one (92:1) then you begin to see the importance of why all this is so and understand it deeply. You also understand other folk’s refusals to see it. Why they are unable to grasp the horrible truth that might actually apply to themselves – that maybe they themselves have been in the wrong place all along too.

The hardest words to day in any language are these: “I am wrong”

Anyone – non-alcoholics, alcoholic it does not matter – who isn’t working with others and helping them recover through the 12 steps – never get far enough into the trenches to grasp the concept so they must rely on opinions.

Who agrees with what the co-authors told us, right in the book about those first 43 pages in that book, “In the preceding chapters you have learned something of alcoholism. We hope we have made clear the distinction between the alcoholic and the nonalcoholic.” (44:0)

How good of an idea might it be – when sponsoring a new person – upon arriving at this page to turn it into yes or no answer affair?

1) Have you learned something of alcoholism from the preceding chapters? Y/N

2) Can you make the distinction between the alcoholic and the non alcoholic? Y/N

If the answer is “I don’t have the right” then we are done. There is no point in proceeding. The co-authors provide us with the means AND the right.

IF the answers are not YES and YES then we haven’t accomplished what the co-authors intended to be accomplished. We haven’t taken step one. For if we don’t know what an alcoholic is – how to tell if one is or isn’t alcoholic – then how on earth can we know whether or not we are ONE? Why would we want to try to belong to a fellowship that we do not even need to solve our problem or qualify for membership in? We can’t admit powerless over alcohol if we don’t know what the hell that means!

If they cannot make the distinction between the alcoholic and the non-alcoholic then they haven’t learned about alcoholism and anyone who cannot or will not do this has NOT taken Step one – even if they THINK they have.

If you haven’t learned about alcoholism hopefully you’ll ask questions and not proffer in meetings answers to questions you do not know anything about. By this reason opinions are not healthy in this recovery racket – not when they are represented as facts and knowledge when they are not.

Peace and Love and GO Siobhan!

Danny S – RLRA

Real Live Recovered Alcoholic